Dr Kate Roocke

Dr Kate Roocke prides herself on her holistic approach to health care. Her ability to adapt techniques to suit a patients individual needs provides each person with a custom course of treatment. Kate's wholistic approach also extends to investigation beyond the spine, to the other joints of the body. 

Kate utilises numerous techniques including Diversified, drop-piece, Applied Kinesiology, SOT and low-force instrument adjusting (ArthroStim, Activator).

Kate has done further training and has a keen interest in:

Applied Kinesiology, pregnancy, babies and children.

She has completed extensive study into bodywork/oral dysfunction through the tongue tie institute.

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Opening hours:

Monday 8am - 6pm

Tuesday 8am - 7pm

Wednesday 8am - 6pm

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Friday 8am - 6pm

Saturday 9 - 11am

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