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Dr Kate Roocke, ChiropractorAbout Kate

Kate’s Practice Philosophy

Dr Kate Roocke prides herself on her wholistic approach to health care. Her ability to adapt techniques to match a patient’s individual needs provides each person with a custom course of treatment, which will assist them on their road to recovery or prevention of injuries or pain. It is this approach to chiropractic care that leads Kate to utilise a number of different techniques, including manual adjustments, instrument-assisted adjustments, and Applied Kinesiology.

Meet Dr Kate Roocke

Kate’s interaction with her field of chiropractic began at an early age. Shoulder problems led her to seek out a chiropractor when she was fifteen years old. Wanting to be an active participant in her care, Dr Roocke sought out information regarding her condition. She loved educating herself about what was going on with her body. This discovery made her realise that she wanted to be a chiropractor herself and offer others the kind of exceptional chiropractic care she received.

While working as a chiropractic assistant, Kate studied at Sydney’s Macquarie University, obtaining her Bachelor and Masters degrees before moving back to Adelaide.

When she is not taking care of her patients, Kate loves to travel, spend time with her family, and read.

Your Agent in Lifelong, Whole-body Health

For Kate, the most rewarding aspect of her practice is being able to help people’s bodies function at an optimal level. The new challenges brought to her every day by patients seeking care drives her to keep on the cutting edge of her profession.

Dr Kate Roocke believes that a wholistic approach is needed when a patient seeks out a chiropractor and extends her investigations beyond the spine to other joints of the body and the nervous system. The adjusting techniques Kate employs help reduce joint dysfunction and assists in balancing out the nervous system.

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